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Description: Session #3 in the Clio Quick Start onboarding series for our customers in the UK & EU. This 30 minute training session will get you set up to start billing your clients — from ensuring that your activities are logged to customizing your bills and sending them out to clients electronically. Learn how to receive payment on your bills in Clio from a variety of sources. Billing in the cloud allows you to get paid faster and more reliably. Read More

Session #4 in the Clio Quick Start onboarding series for our customers in the UK & EU. This 30 minute training session will provide you with the tools and strategies for collaborating with clients and colleagues in the cloud. Learn how to provide an excellent client experience even when you can’t meet face to face. And maintain effective professional relationships with staff and colleagues no matter where you are. Read More

This course is all about the new Clio Payments, released October 2021. The new online payments system and designed by Clio and included in all Manage subscription plans (for customers based in the U.S and Canada at this time). In this course, you'll receive an overview of how it works, how to set up your account, and the payment types accepted. We will also cover the following functionality: How to process online payments, voids, and refunds What your clients can expect to see How to receive your transactions in-app and through reports How to use payment plans How to share click to pay links Give yourself an hour to cover this material in full. There's a short quiz at the end. Read More

This course will provide an overview of the use and functions of the Firm and Personal Dashboards in Clio Manage. Available to accounts on our Boutique, Elite, and EMEA subscription plans, the dashboards will provide at a glance metrics to assist with goal tracking and trend identification. Business owners, Administrators, Partners, and Managers will be able to use data to drive improvements to the business, while individual contributors can see and improve their own individual performance.  We expect that it would take 20 minutes to complete this course. Read More

This course will cover the basics of setting up and using the Court Rules feature, available as part of our Essentials, Advanced, and Complete subscription plans. Learn how to set up your jurisdictions, configure your default settings, as well add a Court Rule set to your calendar. This course is appropriate for anyone who will be using Court Rules in your firm.  Read More

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