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This course is designed to help guide current Clio users with connecting their Clio account with Clio Grow. We will explain the value you get our of connecting Grow and Clio, how to set up the integration, how to sync custom fields, how to sync your Clio calendar, and how to export your leads from Grow to Clio.    Read More

This course will cover the basics items that you should set up in your account before your firm gets started in Clio. We'll also review how to manage your account subscription and users. This will ensure that you do not hit any roadblocks in your workflows.  Although the content is mostly geared towards account administrators, everyone can find value in this.  Read More

This course will cover the basics of setting up and using the Court Rules feature, available as part of our Elite subscription plan. Learn how to set up your jurisdictions, configure your default settings, as well add a Court Rule set to your calendar. This course is appropriate for anyone who will be using Court Rules in your firm.  Read More

This course examines some of the common legal industry problems suggested by the 2017 Legal Trends Report (LTR) and offers some practical suggestions for tackling these problems in your own practice.  The issues that this course explores includes: Setting targets to understand the financial health of your business Prioritizing billable work and minimizing interruptions Calculating the return on investment of your client acquisition efforts Improving your collection rate If you haven’t done so already, download the 2017 Legal Trends Report for free and review it before beginning this course. Read More

Clio Connect is an external facing portal that your firm can use to share resources and communications with clients and co-counsel. This course will introduce you to what the Clio Connect portal is and how your firm can get the most out of it. We will show you how to share resources, matters, and show you what the experience looks like from your client's perspective. This course is included in the Clio Manage Product Essentials program. Read More

This course will introduce you to the general reporting features that Clio offers. While we won't be going in-depth into what each report does, you will come out with a good understanding of the types of reports that are available.  The topics that we will cover in this course include an overview of the types of reports available, how to leverage CSV formatted reports, and where to find Clio export options. This course is included in the Clio Manage Product Essentials program. Read More

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