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Session #2 in the Clio Quick Start onboarding series for our customers in the UK & EU. This 30 minute training session will provide you with the steps and best practices for managing your digital files and emails in Clio. Learn how to share documents securely with your clients and colleagues and request binding e-signatures. All first steps to moving towards a paperless practice. Read More

Session #1 in the Clio Quick Start Onboarding Series for our UK & EU customers. This 30 minute training session will set you up to start using Clio today — whether you are working from the office, from home, or anywhere else. Working in the cloud allows you to manage your practice anywhere and everywhere! Specifically, we will focus on the most important areas of your business: managing clients and matters, and recording your billable time. Read More

This course will take you through the process of creating a document template from a PDF file or Microsoft Word document in Clio Grow for the purpose of automating document creation and for requesting all necessary signatures. This includes: Covering when it would be appropriate to create a template from a PDF or Word document and when you should use Grow's text template editor instead Creating a document template in the PDF template editor Adding merge fields to a PDF template Adding e-signature fields to a PDF template Preparing a document for e-signature from a PDF template and sending it to signers via email Uploading a PDF for a one-time signature and sending it to signers Downloading and exporting signed documents     Read More

This course will provide an overview of the use and functions of the Firm and Personal Dashboards in Clio Manage. Available to accounts on our Boutique, Elite, and EMEA subscription plans, the dashboards will provide at a glance metrics to assist with goal tracking and trend identification. Business owners, Administrators, Partners, and Managers will be able to use data to drive improvements to the business, while individual contributors can see and improve their own individual performance.  We expect that it would take 20 minutes to complete this course. Read More

This course will teach you the basics of the using Clio's mobile app for Android and iOS. Come away knowing what you can do with the app and how they can help your firm members who are on the go. We'll cover topics such as app security, comparing the web app versus the mobile app, and the general features available. This course is included in the Clio Manage Product Essentials program. Read More

Clio Payments allows firms using Clio Manage to more easily collect payment from customers. This course is designed to walk you through the ins and outs of Clio Payments. You'll learn how to set up your account, how to receive bill and trust payments through Clio Payments, how to set up Payment Plans, and how to use Secure Payment Links.  Clio Payments is available to American and Canadian accounts on the Boutique and Elite subscription plans.  Read More

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