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This course is designed for Grow users who will need to create document templates to generate letters or documents that include contact and matter-specific information. We will guide you through the process of creating your template using best practices and help you understand the difference between a text editor template and a PDF template. We will also show you how to prepare and send your document to your leads and clients.  Read More

This course is designed for all Grow users who want to better understand how matters are managed in Clio Grow. We will review the following topics: What information you can expect to see on a Matter information page How to add and manage workflow items on a matter What is a workflow template and how to create one How matters in Grow can work with matters in Clio Read More

This course is designed for administrators and business owners who will be running reports in Clio Grow. We will provide you with an overview of the reports available in Clio Grow, how they work, the field inputs they rely on, and some of the questions they can answer for your firm. We’ll also provide you with some best practices to ensure that you get the most of out these reports so you’re better equipped to make informed business decisions and have better insight into the effectiveness of your firm’s growth strategy. This course will review the following: The purpose of the Matter and Referral Reports Best practices for field set up Best practices for data entry Overview of the contact and matter lists Read More

This course will cover the basics items that you should set up in your account before your firm gets started in Clio. We'll also review how to manage your account subscription and users. This will ensure that you do not hit any roadblocks in your workflows.  Although the content is mostly geared towards account administrators, everyone can find value in this.  Read More

In this course, we'll introduce you to the accounts system in Clio used for recording transactions and managing trust and operating account balances. This course will cover accounts best practice, how to set up accounts, and how to record transactions. If you're new to Clio and will be working with account transactions and trust and operating accounts, this course is a good fit for you.  This course is included in the Clio Manage Product Essentials program. Read More

This course will cover the basics of creating and managing Contacts in Clio. The content level is geared towards those who are new to using Clio and will help you get started with using Contacts quickly and easily. This course is included in the Clio Manage Product Essentials program. Read More

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