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This course will review two options that law firms have when it comes to securely sharing case resources and communications - Clio for Clients and Clio for Co-counsel. Each is designed to serve the very specific type of collaboration needs you have with clients and with co-counsel. We will begin the course with an overview of Clio for Clients, an app and portal for communicating with your clients. It’s available for free to Clio Manage accounts on Boutique and Elite plans in North America, and the Premium Plan internationally. Then, we’ll walk you through how Clio for Co-counsel works (formerly Clio Connect), our portal for sharing matters with co-counsel and allowing them to log time. This portal is available on all Clio Manage accounts in North America.  This course is included in the Clio Manage Product Essentials program. Read More

This course is all about the new Clio Payments, released October 2021. The new online payments system and designed by Clio and included in all Manage subscription plans (for customers based in the U.S at this time). In this course, you'll receive an overview of how it works, how to set up your account, and the payment types accepted. We will also cover the following functionality: How to process online payments, voids, and refunds What your clients can expect to see How to receive your transactions in-app and through reports How to use payment plans How to share click to pay links Give yourself an hour to cover this material in full. There's a short quiz at the end. Read More

Session #4 in the Clio Quick Start onboarding series for our customers in the UK & EU. This 30 minute training session will provide you with the tools and strategies for collaborating with clients and colleagues in the cloud. Learn how to provide an excellent client experience even when you can’t meet face to face. And maintain effective professional relationships with staff and colleagues no matter where you are. Read More

Does your role involve billing in any way? Do you need to generate, edit, review, or apply payments to bills? If so, this is the course for you. Designed with users who are new to billing in Clio in mind, we'll walk you through the billing lifecycle in Clio so you understand the bill states, how to generate bills, how to edit and review bills, how to approve them, and how to record payments and credit notes. We'll also introduce you to the convenience of Clio Payments and how it can help your firm collect payment more quickly from clients.  This course is included in the Clio Manage Product Essentials program. Read More

In this course, we’ll examine some of the common legal industry challenges and insights as identified by the Legal Trends Reports published by Clio, with a focus on the legal client’s experience. Following a legal consumer’s journey, we will identify strategies you can implement to help address some of the pain points that legal consumers experience while they move through the their journey. We’ve categorize our suggestions based on the following stages of the consumer journey: Searching for a lawyer (awareness) When consumers reach out to a lawyer and law firm for the first time (consideration and decision) Working with and communicating with clients on a matter (case work and retention) The post-matter relationship (advocacy) This course aims to provide you with tools and strategies to help you elevate the client experience, while increasing demand for your services and creating efficiencies in your firm.  Read More

This course will take you through the process of setting up your Clio Grow account for success. This includes: Adding users Syncing your email and calendar Customizing your contacts and matters Creating workflow and email templates Adding custom fields - and how to use custom fields with forms and documents An overview of the components of Grow that work directly with Clio Manage   Read More

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