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This bundle is designed for support staff working as Paralegals or Legal Assistants. Should your role have any additional duties, you can enroll in any other courses as appropriate. If you don't require all of these topics, you can unenroll from those individual courses. The following mini-courses are included: CL03 Contacts CL04 Matters  CL05 Activities CL07 Calendars  CL08 Communications CL09 Tasks CL10 Documents Please note that the courses above are the same individual courses you can select in the Clio Academy catalog and shop. Did we miss a course that should be included? Is there anything you'd like to see in the future? Let us know at certifications@clio.com. Read More

This program will take you through the core set of 15 mini-courses that cover all of the major features in Clio (CL01-CL15). This program is suited for you if you're a solo attorney, new to Clio, an office administrator and manager, or looking for a comprehensive refresher on all of Clio's major features. You'll earn a Clio Product Essentials certificate for completing this program. Set yourself 6-8 hours in total to complete the program. You can start and pause as you need to.  Read More

This course examines some of the common legal industry problems suggested by the 2017 Legal Trends Report (LTR) and offers some practical suggestions for tackling these problems in your own practice.  The issues that this course explores includes: Setting targets to understand the financial health of your business Prioritizing billable work and minimizing interruptions Calculating the return on investment of your client acquisition efforts Improving your collection rate If you haven’t done so already, download the 2017 Legal Trends Report for free and review it before beginning this course. Read More

This course will cover the basics items that you should set up in your account before your firm gets started in Clio. We'll also review how to manage your account subscription and users. This will ensure that you do not hit any roadblocks in your workflows.  Although the content is mostly geared towards account administrators, everyone can find value in this.  Read More

In this course, we'll introduce you to the accounts system in Clio used for recording transactions and managing trust and operating account balances. This course will cover accounts best practice, how to set up accounts, and how to record transactions. If you're new to Clio and will be working with account transactions and trust and operating accounts, this course is a good fit for you.  This course is included in the Comprehensive Clio Onboarding program.    Read More

This course will cover the basics of creating and managing Contacts in Clio. The content level is geared towards those who are new to using Clio and will help you get started with using Contacts quickly and easily. This course is included in the Comprehensive Clio Onboarding Program. Read More

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